Look who else is outsourcing to India: American newspapers
November 4, 2009

While American journalists love to criticize corporate America for outsourcing, look who else is also outsourcing to India: American print newspapers. And they are outsourcing work overseas for the same reason that much of corporate America is outsourcing – both to survive and because it makes sense from both a cost and a quality standpoint. Read more

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Outsourcing coming of age
September 4, 2009

According to a recent Ernst and Young report, “Taking Wings: Coming of Age of the Indian Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Industry,” global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries have NOT yet managed to take full advantage of India’s strong chemistry capabilities, skilled manpower or cost-value proposition. Read more

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Hollywood outsourcing to Bollywood
August 30, 2009

When Steven Spielberg’s cash strapped DreamWorks Studios received a lifeline of $825 million as part of a 50:50 joint-venture with India’s Anil Ambani founded Reliance Big Entertainment (RBE), the reaction in India was, “’Wow! India has more money than Spielberg!” Read more

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Outsourcing Journalism
October 22, 2008

Journalism work has been outsourced to India for several years and the trend will increase in the current economic conditions. The print media is facing difficult time competing with online news, blogs, etc. The advertisement revenue coming to the print media is reduced year over year due to tough competition from web advertisements. For example Craigslist literally killed the classified advertisements revenue for all the major news papers in US. Similarly sites like monster.com, dice.com, Naukri.com stole the market share for job advertisements from the news papers.

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Can KPO give India a new start
October 14, 2008

The future of KPO in India is deemed as quite bright. Though presently, it is in its infantile state, the experts and companies already well-established in this process declare that India will awake to the rising demands of KPO in near future and would be able to supplement and stabilize the meltdown of global economy and its impact on outsourcing industry. Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) is one striking part of this huge potential and we have already discussed in our previous discussion that legal outsourcing to India is on rise. The present situation of global financial crisis only helps this cause and India is going to benefit from it.

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Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)
July 5, 2008

After the success of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) now companies are considering Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO). In BPO noncore business processes are removed from the overall business process value chain, outsourced to low cost destination and finished service integrated back into the value chain. Labor arbitrage is the main reason for companies to outsource their noncore business processes. Generally the success of a BPO project is measured by predefined parameters like time to delivery, quality, cost saving, and productivity are specified in Service Level Agreement (SLA).
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