Outsourcing and Madoff
August 14, 2009

In a recent interview of Z24 (Dutch internet news channel) and the Chief Risk Officer of Fortis Bank Netherlands (3 billion revenue 2008, 184 billion in assets) the risk management practices of the bank were discussed. The CRO stated among others that the board was closely involved with all new product introductions, and determines how new products fit into the risk profile of the bank. Read more

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Financial BPO to grow $145-165 in next five years
September 26, 2008

The Everst Research institute published a research report that projects the financial BPO market to grow $145-165 in the next five years. The report also discusses various sourcing models buyers are interested and explains the future growth targets for the financial BPO providers. In addition, the report discusses two case studies of global sourcing strategies used by the leading financial institutions.

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Research finds 50% growth in Financial BPO in next three years
September 25, 2008

Atlanta based Hackett research group conducted a study and found companies planning to increase their use of offshore outsourcing BPO vendors by 50% in the next three years. Specifically companies want to move bulk of their financial work to lower-wage countries like India, China, etc. Hackett also conducted a study comparing the benefits of using offshore BPO vendors vs. using their own captive centers in lower wage countries and found following similarities and differences:
1.    Both BPO vendors and captive centers save cost by 50%.
2.    BPO vendors can increase their staff level more quickly than captive centers
3.    Captive centers generate more innovative ides in their outsourced business processes than BPO vendors

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