Enterprise IT + social media + cloud computing = future
April 12, 2010

Two developments last week really solidified for me the collision course between social media concepts and traditional enterprise IT. This is by no means a train wreck, but rather a productive, value-add combination that is sure to make IT departments more responsive to the needs of the businesses and the customers they mutually support. Read more

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Virtual conference speakers focus on cloud, value to enterprises, how to get started
March 24, 2010

One of the biggest questions facing companies today is what to make of cloud computing and how it affects sourcing strategies?. Does it signal a major shift in how we approach IT — and the business — or is it just another ride on the hype wave that will disappear if we just wait it out? Read more

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Do you want to reduce your expenses? e-Invoicing is the solution!
August 31, 2009

There are about 28 billion invoices issued in Europe each year. About half of them in B2B market segment. Using e-Invoicing makes it possible to cut costs even by 70%. Why not use this solution? Read more

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