Business Processing Association Of Philippines To Provide Employees With Career Opps

April 10, 2011

Job creation by Filipino business processing outsourcers and call centers is likely to go up 1.3 million, said the IT-BPO Roadmap of Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP). This is considering the fact that the Philippines will improve its private-public partnership and the quality and quantity of the country’s talent supply.

BPOs traditionally have a reputation for offering jobs with a high degree of salary. However, it does not necessarily offer a job as part of a long-term career. As a result, the quality of talent in the Philippines entering the BPO market needs to be high.

TELUS International Philippines (TIP) is a service provider of customer care solutions and it says that creating long-term career opportunities within the BPO sector is an advantage. President of TIP, Javier Infante told Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation, “At TIP, a job as an agent can be just the beginning of a rewarding career within our company,” adding, “We provide career opportunities to motivated, deserving applicants.”

In general, employees view their jobs at call centers as a way of obtaining work outside the BPO industry. However, it is not perceived as a career. The BPO industry does not readily offer the kinds of opportunities like valued IT and knowledge process outsourcing jobs as well as leadership, communications and analyst roles. This is the kind of challenge faced by firms like TIP.

Infante continued to say that one key challenge for TIP is to ensure that its employees feel they are moving ahead in their careers. This is particularly true with respect to increasing competition in the industry, the way roles and jobs are perceived in the industry and the impact of influencers on employee decision-making.

He added, “Our task is to communicate opportunities to our team members, encourage them to find meaning in their work, and provide activities that promote personal growth.”


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