BPO Industry Steers Office Leasing In Manila

March 18, 2011

According to published reports, the bpo sector is driving the market for office leasing in metropolitan Manila and other similar cities in the Philippines. The annual demand for office space in Manila tags at 250,000 square meters, reports mb.com.

COO of JLLL, Lindsay Orr, said that numerous places that are external to the business districts are profiting from the strong growth in the BPO sector. Destinations external to the business districts, where BPOs have established offices include Mandaluyong and Quezon City.

“BPOs are looking for locations that can offer them more: Retail amenities for employees and extras such as Alphaland Southgate Tower’s security access card system and a modern intrusion detection system, “Orr said.

Due to the robust demand and strong competition in the BPO industry, office establishments are likely to have improved quality.

Associate director of JLLL, Philip Anonuevo, commented that BPOs emphasize sites that have a high degree of success to public transportation. An example of this is the Alphaland Southgate tower, which is a premium office space situated on the side of Pasong Tamo and EDSA.

Anonuevo added that within three months of naming JLLL as the only leasing agent of Alphaland Southgate Towerd, JLLL has set up leases for 7,300 square meters to Advanced Contact Solutions – a leading BPO in the country.

Alphaland Southgate Tower is lined to major transportation systems in Manila and it provides employees with easy access for their commute from home to work. Since the labor market is extremely competitive, BPOs are making use of their advantages in order to reel in employees. The key point of interest for employees is a strategically placed location.

In addition, Alphaland has a food court, supermarket and 28 restaurants. It also has many specialty stores that also cater to the tastes of its BPO tenants. Two of the major BPO firms in the neighborhood is ACS and Teleperformance, reports Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation.


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