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Profile: Profile of Communications Consultant-Vipin Labroo Over two decades of marketing experience of which the last four years in the PR industry , having worked for leading PR agencies like Perfect Relations, Madison Advertising, Sobghagya Advertising and Mediacom PR. Also writes for international outsourcers and blogs extensively on http://www.vipin-labrooblogspotcom.blogspot.com/ and http://happyleo.sulekha.com/. Has a published book titled, The Car Driver, slated for a March worldwide release. Clients handled: The who’s who of India’s corporate world cuting across vectors Sify (IT), Epson(IT), Centurion Bank(Banking), Franklin Templeton(Finance), Universitas 21(Education), Mattel Toys(Life Style), Godrej(Lifestyle), Puma(Lifestyle), Infotech (IT), Mobile Nxt(Telecom), Toonz Academy(IT), Amarnath Shrine Board(Political), Roche(Pharma) Bayer(Agriculture), Vedic Village(life Style), Subhash Projects, Lotus AMC(Finance), Modi Rubber(Automobile), Shoppers Stop(Lifestyle), City of Cologne(Political), Summit HR, Bhushan Steel, Motorola(IT), HM(Automobiles), Apple(IT), VLCC(lifestyle), Kanoria Chemicals, Vedanta(Corporate), USINPAC(Poitical), EADS(Aereospace), Coca Cola, Master Card, Opex(Lifestyle), Hot Spot(Telecom), UB, Go Air(Aviation), A Map(IT), Dale Carnegie Training, Centrum(Finance), P&G(FMCG), Brittania(FMCG), Godrej, NCR(ATM machines), RIM(Blackberry) Appliances(Applinaces), DGM India(IT), PPAP( Auto ancilliary), Kiri Dyes( Chemicals), Lakshmi Cotsyn(Textiles), Arravali Infra Power(power), Jindal Infrapower(Power), C&C Constructions( Infrastructure), Vascular Society of India(Medical association), International Print-o-Pac(printing and packaging ), IFCI, TFCI, UCO Bank, Ace Data( Data Storage firm), Medtronic( Healthcare), CovdienHealthcare(Healthcare), Nexgen Exhibitions(Exhibitions), Sia Art Jewellery(Lifestyle), mCarbon(IT), & Guitar Monk(Music & Lifestyle), Vogue

Posts by Vipin Labroo:

  • Are BPOs a good long term career prospect for India youngsters?

     For many years now hundreds of thousands of Indian youngsters, fresh out of school are getting absorbed in BPOs who require of them passable English language skills, and some rudimentary computer skills. They are then trained and put to work handling petty back end work involving clerical functions on behalf of overseas clients. It may pertain to taking pizza orders from Missouri, or teaching a 77 year old American pensioner to shut down her computer. Read more

  • Impact of outsourcing

    We all have heard that outsourcing is beneficial for businesses, bringing down costs and saving time. But how exactly does this happen? It is estimated that 36% of the companies that outsource do it because it saves them costs. An equal percentage do it because it enables them to focus on their central activity. 13% companies think that outsourcing improves overall quality, while 10% like it because it speeds up deliveries. A further 4% think that it encourages innovation, while the balance feel that it enables better deployment of capital. Read more

  • The top BPO cities of the world

    The BPO industry is a dynamic and ever churning one, and the prolonged economic recession made that even truer. Outsourcers are constantly on the lookout trying to get more value for their customers and that has often involved outsourcing to newer destinations. In light of the above the BPO hotspots too have a new ranking order that looks something like this in terms of cities which are centers of BPO excellence. Read more

  • Has Obama overcome his aversion to outsourcing to India?

    Now that President Obama has had a super successful Indian trip with business deals worth $ 10 billion under the belt that will create 50,000 jobs back home in America, will he stop flogging the outsourcing threat? No less a personage than the Prime Minister of India has publicly asserted that India is not in the business of stealing American jobs. If anything outsourcing to India has increased the competitiveness of American firms. And Bangalore is the name of an India city and not a process by which American get laid off-never mind the bad pun. Read more

  • How good are Indian IT companies?

    India has a formidable reputation as an IT powerhouse. But is the hype surrounding India’s IT prowess justified? How does it measure up to other countries? Well quite decently it seems. There are three Indian companies, Wipro, Infosys and Tech Mahindra in the top ten and the eleventh one, Mastek too is Indian. This is quite creditable considering that the numero uno is IBM and the other biggies in the list are names like CapGemini, Hewlett-Packard and Accenture. Read more

  • Why you can’t stop outsourcing?

    In most of my blogs I mention somewhere that outsourcing to India from the US and other countries will continue till the time it makes economic sense for businesses to outsource. Proposed legislation against it would not work for the simple reason that businesses are not run on election time contingencies, but are based on the cold facts of efficiency and cost effectiveness. The recent non passage of President Obama’s protectionist legislation may or may not have been foreseen by perceptive analysts, but outsourcing would have continued unabated even if it had been passed. Read more

  • Efficient Outsourcing

    At a time when outsourcing is such a contentious subject, one should look at it objectively and try and find out as to what constitutes efficient outsourcing or how to derive optimal benefit from outsourcing. Let us take the case of medical transcription. In these  times of shrinking incomes and increasing expenses, health services have taken a huge hit. Outsourcing is something that makes firms accrue huge advantages not only in terms of reducing the cost of transcription, but also by way of increasing efficiency. This is achieved by virtue of it creating an organized and handy system of  recording, storing and tracking, using modern electronic devices like electronic signature, faxing and remote printing. This creates tremendous savings in terms of capital investment on infrastructure, which can then be more effectively spent on core healthcare issues and facilities. Read more

  • Outsourcing blues: What should Indian companies do?

    Now that Obama has once again come out strongly against outsourcing stressing that the 8 million Americans who lost their jobs during the recession needed succor and putting the brakes on outsourcing was one step in that direction. One may of course question the wisdom and indeed the efficacy of the move, and attribute it to populism which is aimed at garnering voter support in the coming November election; the fact is that the Indian IT sector which obtains 60% of its revenue from the US is smarting from it. Read more

  • The impact of H-1B visa fee hike on Indian outsourcing industry

    The recent US decision to hike H-1B visa fee is blatantly discriminatory and this is some thing on which both the Indian outsourcing industry and government hold the same view. Not only is it seen as a retrograde move likely to have a negative impact on Indian outsourcing industry, but also as one that will do more harm to US interests than good. Also there is a growing feeling in India that every time Obama’s ratings plunge on account of economy issues, or there is an election around the corner the administration turns its guns on the Indian IT industry, blaming it for loss of jobs. This is reminiscent of the way the US used to be blamed by left leaning politicians of India some years back for everything ranging from inflation to drought. Read more

  • Cloud computing in India

    The IT world is abuzz with the possibilities opened up by cloud computing. Surprisingly however in IT powerhouse India the buzz is missing. There is a $1 billion worth of opportunity waiting to be tapped into but Indian firms are yet to bite. It seems to be a case of partly not wanting to change status quo and partly apprehensions regarding the safety of keeping confidential data on the net. Moreover with the bandwidth issue still on the path of resolution the firms are as of now not inclined to bite the bullet. Read more