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  • LPO India-now and future

    The offshore industry of India is plagued by different issues and we have discussed a lot of them in our previous discussions. The situation in not better yet and there is bleak chance that it will recover soon—a long-term potential and perspective is what industry experts are relying on. At the same time, legal process outsourcing (LPO) companies are hiring a good number of new professionals because of the demand of litigations services from the USA is on all-time high. It is calculated that by outsourcing their legal and litigation back-office work to Indian vendors, US companies can save about 70 per cent in costs, which is quite considerable and demands much analysis of the future of this industry.

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  • Can KPO give India a new start

    The future of KPO in India is deemed as quite bright. Though presently, it is in its infantile state, the experts and companies already well-established in this process declare that India will awake to the rising demands of KPO in near future and would be able to supplement and stabilize the meltdown of global economy and its impact on outsourcing industry. Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) is one striking part of this huge potential and we have already discussed in our previous discussion that legal outsourcing to India is on rise. The present situation of global financial crisis only helps this cause and India is going to benefit from it.

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  • Futuristic State of Indian BPO Industry

    BPO sector in India is smarting under the pain of global financial meltdown—it is obvious for the plethora of suspicions, expectations, doubts, and forecasting to emerge and make waves among the industry. The most obvious thing that we can expect is that the Indian BPO industry will remain on tenterhooks for some time. Presently, even the experts can expect and can’t calculate exactly. For the last 10-12 days, the global financial meltdown has sent shocks across the world—the prices of oil, value of money, and export have suffered a lot and have seen a lot of changes. Outsourcing is one of the major part of export in India and it plays a significant role in the economy also.

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  • Can India solve the BPO problem?

    The concept of outsourcing has provided the best opportunity for the Asian countries to establish themselves on the world map as economic giants. The question is interesting and intriguing: the century of Asian giants is coming? Yes, we are talking about China and India. What you think made them become one of the strongest economies of the world? It was the strength of their workforce that could withstand the demands of almost the whole world.

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  • The Lehman Brothers’ Enigma and BPO industry

    The bankruptcy of Lehman has a widespread impact and effect on Indian BPO market and the staff of these centers. Like me, you can also imagine that the employees of these centers are facing the utmost and acute problem of being jobless and in the consequential financial crunch. The running costs of living a life in major cities of any country could be high and similar is the case with India. Now that the employees have lost their job without any security of the finance or salary payments, they are on the cliffhanger of being swallowed by the financial requirements.

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  • Philippines suffers from Leadership issues in BPO industry

    BPO industry all over the world is struggling to sustain the demand of quality workforce both in executive and managerial sector. BPO giants like India and Philippines are struggling to produce the managers that can give a sustainable lead to this industry and can also withstand the demands of the growth. In this issue, a report published by a firm, Development Dimensions International (DDI), gives an insight as to what Philippines is feeling: the report states that local BPO industry in Philippines has leadership issues.

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  • Legal outsourcing becoming a compelling need

    What is the need of outsourcing—cutting costs involved in various business processes? Yes, it is true. The need of outsourcing is felt almost in all business processes and law related processes are also coming in its fold. Legal outsourcing is trying to become what everything else did—launch its potential to international market and reduce the involved costs.

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  • Is China losing its outsourcing shine?

    The outsourcing industry all over the world is facing lots of trend-changers. Earlier this year, it was the dropped value of American Dollar in the international market; now the fuel prices are putting pressure on shipping and transportation issues required to fulfill the needs of outsourcing. No wonder that China is starting to face some problems here.

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  • Dell to sell?

    Dell Inc. has decided to go for outsourcing in computer manufacturing quite comprehensively. If you wonder why more outsourced factories are coming up in different Asian companies, this could be the answer for you—Dell is trying to reduce its manufacturing costs. The company is trying to sell its North American factories to reduce manufacturing costs and use the services of contract manufacturers. Dell Inc. happens to be the second largest computer maker and according to the Wall Street Journal’s report on Friday, Dell is trying to sell most of its factories within the time period of one and half year.

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  • High Attrition rate attributed to pay package

    Have you ever imagined that salary could be the most important reason for such a high attrition rate in Indian BPO sector? Yes, it is—as per the report published by BPO Special Survey, 2008 (more details), the attrition rate of business process outsourcing in India stands 7.8% higher than other industries. What is the reason behind this?

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