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Profile: rishti Aishwarya is the Content Coordinator at iPleaders, where she is leading some cutting edge research projects on corporate law subjects and startups. She is the lead blogger at OLaw.in, the only outsourcing industry focused legal blog from India. Her expertise areas include laws applicable to the non-governmental sector, fundraising laws and outsourcing law.

Posts by Srishti Aishwarya Shrivastava:

  • Proposed Indonesian Labour Outsourcing Decree: An Overview

    Indonesia has of late emerged as one of the throbbing outsourcing destination. While the process of outsourcing was mushrooming in the region, the number of complains coming against such outsourcing practice regarding long working hours, temporary nature of the work and adverse effect of such outsourcing on domestic workers also increased. Read more

  • Philippines Cyber Crime Protection Bill and its implications

    Philippines recently tabled its Cyber crime Protection Bill which is supposed to propel the growth of the Philippines outsourcing industry. Read more

  • Business Process Outsourcing- Third Party Agreement and Legal Issues

    The process of outsourcing known for the advantages of cost and time effectiveness can be performed in various ways. Various legal structures can be used to give effect to outsourcing arrangement. One such structure is business process outsourcing through agreement with a third party. Read more

  • Comparative Advantage of Outsourcing and the Legal Risks

    The theory of law of comparative advantage as proposed by David Ricardo postulates that law of economics supports production of goods in a country which produces goods in a more efficient way by using lesser amount of resources. Read more

  • Outsourcing Dispute: Crowdsourced Online Dispute Resolution Mechanism

    If you buy some good online from a website, located outside your country which is not delivered to you within the said time, do you know of the remedy you can avail in such situation? While the obvious answer would be to file a suit in the court of the country from where you bought the good. Most of us know that court procedures are tenuous and exorbitant but do we have an alternative? Read more

  • Essential Components of Service Level Agreement in Outsourcing

    A service level agreement is very important in outsourcing as it defines and determines the functions and services that the service provider will deliver to its clients along with the amount and quality of such deliverables. A well drafted Service Level Agreement (SLA) takes into account the expectations of the service recipient and the service provider. Read more

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