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Profile: After having been a liaison for the past two years between Law Firms in the US and LPO’s in India, I have gained valuable insight into what each side looks for in the other. What you quickly realize after speaking with organizations on each side is that both parties are looking for the same types of things. The goal is obviously to secure a lasting working relationship where each party achieves a mutual benefit. For myself, after working as a matchmaker of sorts, I’ve come to facilitate a common ground of understanding that builds lasting relationships. My role within the industry has allowed me to gain insight into the perspectives of both sides, and I am confident I can contribute to the LPO success by sharing my learning’s with the LPO community. Initially for me it was vital to understand the big picture when I first began working with LPOs. But to truly understand how LPOs are settling into their own strides, it requires exploring different perspectives and considering all opinions, ideas, and lessons learned.

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  • Emergence Of A New Normal: The Online Bar Association

    SPurani | lposavvy.info::  Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending and participating in the Inaugural Meeting of The Online Bar. It was an enlightening experience that opened my mind to many new perspectives around the central theme, “Unveiling the Future of Law & Emerging Models for Legal Services”. Flying in from the cooler Northeastern U.S. into South Florida, the experience left me with a sense of warmth in more ways than one. It was apparent from the start of the conference that those in attendance were not only forward thinking individuals, but also those who looked to influence change in the legal profession across jurisdictional, international, and traditional boundaries associated with the practice of law. Read more

  • Legal Outsourcing Beyond India and Philippines: Green Point Legal Service’s Multi-Shore Story

    SPurani | lposavvy.info::  It seems that India and sometimes the Philippines dominate the legal outsourcing conversation. Today’s ValueNotes’ story regarding multi-shoring within the legal process outsourcing space shows just how some LPO providers are looking to serve the legal market.  However not everyone needs to be a Pangea3 to do so.  A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Jacklyn Karceski, General Manager of Green Point Technology Services, whose company’s LPO division has been employing a multi-shore delivery model for its legal clients for some time. Read more

  • Re-Tool to Embrace Change with LPO

    SPurani | lposavvy.info::  When someone like David McIntosh, chairman of the City of London Law Society, warns of not being left behind in the midst of the United Kingdom’s legal profession changes, many people tend to hear his words.  Rory Webber of Martindale.com recently posted an interview with Mr. McIntosh, summing up his position on the quickly evolving state of the U.K. legal profession by stating “..he’d bet his practicing certificate..” on the need for legal professionals to re-think and re-tool on how legal services are offered by those who will be directly affected by the changes. Read more

  • The Strategic Law Firm

    SPurani | lposavvy.info:: I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Duncan Hart, a seasoned Duncan Hartsolicitor, barrister, and strategic management consultant, as he shared insights stemming from his decade-long tenure as managing partner of a ten-partner legal practice and as Regional Managing Director of one of Australia’s largest law firms.  Duncan has written about his experiences and presents a strategic management methodology for globally focused law firms and legal organizations in his new book ‘The Strategic Law Firm”. Read more

  • Unique LPO Management Insight

    S Purani | LPOSavvy.info::  A survey conducted by Mr. Ravi Shankar, a Harvard Law School-trained lawyer and first year law associate, in 2010 gives a nice snapshot of the state of legal process outsourcing firms located in India.  The primary objective of the survey was to gather insight directly from LPO executive managers on the prospects of entering the legal process outsourcing arena as a provider.   However, Mr. Shankar’s report does more than that.  The results also provide a perspective of how LPO providers see themselves, not to mention some of the challenges they have faced while marketing their services in the US and UK.  This report is a summary of the responses Mr. Shankar received from some of the players in the LPO field who responded to his invitation to participate in the study.  It’s also important to note that the surveys were responded by the CEO, President or Managing Director of the organization. Read more

  • LPO Should Stand for Legal ‘Partner’ Outsourcing

    Sanket Purani | LPO Savvy

    A lot has occurred in the legal process outsourcing space during the year 2010. It seems the industry is gaining some momentum and recognition by those beyond the academics, bloggers, and unemployed lawyers. Firms large and small are taking notice and finding ways to get acquainted with, and doing business with offshore providers. Though not all relationships are the, dare I say traditional, legal back office relationships. I was pleased to see one example of a US law firm – vendor relationship that was born of a non-customary requirement. You can call it an outsourcing relationship but it feels more like an offshore partnership. And something I feel we will see more of as time goes on. Read more

  • Outsource to Spend More?

    Author:  SPurani | Interesting article at ALB Legal News, which the piece’s title alone caught my attention. “Corporates could halve their legal costs by outsourcing less.”  Interesting, right?  My first thought was how could this be?  The report’s statistics describe the Australian and New Zealand legal market.  Based on what Richard Stock, Catalyst Consulting Director, states, these departments are paying too much for the same work they could do in-house.  He sums up by stating that they could stand to improve their forecasting requirements to help reduce the costs. Read more

  • Legal Process Outsourcing’s Point of Inflection

    Author: Sanket Purani

  • The Am Law 50’s Dirty Little Secret: LPO

    Author: Sanket Purani

    Something everyone across the Legal Process Outsourcing world has known for some time – the majority of those who choose to procure legal process outsourcing services hope to do it without anyone else really knowing about it.  Kind of a not-so-well kept secret it seems given Fronterion’s recent study released yesterday.  The results do not surprise me really.  It’s analogous to a dirty secret people like to keep in the closet, in the safety of their home, or in this case their office.  And of course the secret’s obediently kept within the office of the dedicated LPO provider. Read more

  • Are Legal Process Outsourcing Providers Entitled to Succeeding?

    Author: Sanket Purani

    Why do we need to ask such a question? Well, in short the question should be asked. Primarily to ensure the players do not lose sight of what it will take to win. And secondly, just because LPO’s in India have a cost advantage, it doesn’t necessarily mean that can translate to success. It’s true the skillset and eagerness to succeed exists, however real success will depend on a combination of factors. The goal is to place more focus on the non-cost based factors of service delivery. LPOs will feel less squeezed when sending that client proposal and more confident when sending the invoice. Read more