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Profile: Robert Janssen, a dual citizen of the United States and Brazil, having lived an equal number of years in both countries, graduated in International Business and Information Systems from San Diego State University, began his career in the information technology sector in 1986. Robert is a Senior Advisor to the Brazilian government’s IT industry promotion agency SOFTEX, since 1998 and is also a managing partner of Outsource Brazil, an international business development advisory. He has extensive experience in international business, and great understanding how the cultural differences influence the business environment and have an impact on the desired outcome.

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  • The Future Outlook on IT Offshore Outsourcing

    IT offshore outsourcing, like other industry segments, also suffered the impact of the global financial crisis. Many IT service providers had to re negotiate their existing contracts and saw a freeze for contracting new services. However, unlike many sectors still feeling the pinch, the offshoring of outsourcing is on the rebound, as many organizations continue, and even deepen, their cost reduction initiatives as a means to maintain their competitiveness. Read more

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