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Profile: I am an American freelance researcher, writer and recruiter who has lived, worked, or studied in the USA (Born & grew up there), Australia, China, the Philippines (Over 5+ years; 4 years with a leading executive search firm there) and now Vietnam (Please visit my blog at: http://www.vietnamwartravels.com). I am also open to freelance projects related to research, writing, HR, recruiting or Asia in general (see my main freelance work profile and portfolio at: http://jau1.elance.com).

Posts by JohnU:

  • Callcenter outsourcing problems

    Recently, two interesting and cautionary tales involving employees of a Manila based third party call center and a client based in New Zealand has come to light. In the first incident, five New Zealand Telecom customers had complained about receiving obscene messages, including one living in Wanganui who was sent a text message that said “f*** you customer” after she had complained about delays in receiving text messages. This customer then complained to the town mayor on his Radio Live talkback show which triggered an investigation that ultimately traced the messages to four employees based in the Manila working for Sitel on the New Zealand Telecom account. These employees were suspended pending a further investigation. Read more

  • Buying and hiring American by choice (rather than by force)

    Despite media accounts and political initiatives to force companies to buy American services and not to outsource work offshore, believe it or not there are plenty of companies who are choosing to buy and/or hire Americans without being forced to do so. In fact, the LBO Wire recently noted that call center group CCT Group Ltd. (which owns Cyber City Teleservices and is backed by HSBC Private Equity Asia Ltd.) has bought fellow call center provider Interactive Response Technologies Inc. for the purposes of offering clients (CCT’s clients include DirecTV, Dell Inc. and Activision while IRT’s clients include T-Mobile, AT&T and Office Depot) what they are apparently happy to pay extra for: American voices and the perception of quality. IRT manages US-based call centers that employ Americans while CCT manages call centers based in the Philippines and Panama and according to a CCT representative, clients are willing to pay US$27-$28 per hour for a US-based service while an offshore service will cost them around US$13-$14 per hour. Read more

  • China, India and the Google wars

    Google is increasingly facing its share of controversies in both China and India – two countries that are also competing head-to-head on the IT, IT services and outsourcing fronts. To recap recent events: An investigation by Google official found that the company in mid-December had been hit with major cyber attacks it believes originated from China. In fact, the attack had targeted as many as 34 different companies or other entities and investigators are investigating whether the attack may some how be linked to the Chinese government or its intelligence services. Google then announced that it will no longer help to enforce China’s censorship policies and this may force it to exit China – leaving behind US$300 million in annual revenues and a country with more than 330 million internet users. Read more

  • Is Silicon Valley doomed?

    Joint Venture: Silicon Valley Network and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation has just released their 2010 Index of Silicon Valley and the results are not so rosy. In fact, the report concluded that Silicon Valley faces a steep climb out of the current economic downturn and this contradicts the perception that the Valley is a place that can continually reinvent itself. Read more

  • Backshoring-Reverse Globalization

    In recent years, “backshoring” has occasionally been noticed by outsourcing observers (including us) and the media. However, backshoring may increasingly become the buzzword of the future as the global economic downturn is proving to be a game changer for outsourcing and globalization in general. In fact, here are some backshoring trends or statistics that have recently been mentioned by the media: Read more

  • The City slowly discovers legal process outsourcing (LPO)

    Following in the footsteps of the banking industry and their counterparts on Wall Street, a number of leading City law firms are beginning to seriously consider outsourcing as a way to further cut costs. However and while adopting some form of business process outsourcing (BPO) has become increasingly the norm, legal process outsourcing (LPO) has yet to significantly catch on. Read more

  • Cloud computing: Just was the doctor ordered for Indian IT Outsourcers

    Cloud computing is considered to be the next big thing and increasingly Indian IT outsourcers are trying to grab a piece of the cloud. After all, they are in a race to broaden the scope of their outsourcing services in order to compete for the high level work that usually goes to larger western rivals like Accenture, IBM and Hewlett-Packard. Read more

  • Why are Indians (and Filipinos) better at providing services rather than at making good IT products?

    Recently Sachin Dabir, a Senior Manager at Red Hat Asia Pacific, posed an interesting question on his blog where he asked (and answered) why Indians are good at coming up with IT solutions and services, but are lousy at making good IT products. To put things in context: Sachin first noted that over the past year, he has been meeting with software companies across the APAC region and from his meetings he has noted that these companies all have clients across the region and even as far away as Europe or the USA. Furthermore, he noted that these are small and medium sized companies with only 10 to 50 employees; and yet, all of them have managed to find buyers in other parts of the world who trust both the products and the companies themselves. Read more

  • Migration: The great U-turn

    The current economic downturn is dramatically altering the world as we know it – including domestic and global migration patterns. In fact, the Wall Street Journal noted back in June that the biggest turnaround (described as the “great u-turn”) or shift in migration flows since the Great Depression may now be underway. Just take some of the following migration trends into consideration: Read more

  • Expatriates abroad: Is it time to return home?

    With unemployment hovering above 10% in the USA and even higher in many parts of Europe, the prospects for unemployed foreign professionals to find work in the West are looking bleak. In fact, the Wall Street Journal recently noted that foreign based companies, especially those in Asia, are using the bleak employment picture in the USA to lure their country’s citizens back home. Read more