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  • What is it like working for Infosys?

    If you are currently in the job market or perhaps you already have a few job offers, you might be wondering what is it like working at Infosys. After all, Infosys is India’s second-largest software exporter as well as a major global software and outsourcing employer. Read more

  • How the Philippines overtook India in call centers

    Recently and according to various reports and industry experts, the Philippines “officially” overtook India in call centers and voice related work. In fact and in a December 2010 article in Business Week, the Everest Group estimated that the Philippines will have pocketed US$5.7 billion in 2010 for call center work from the US, Europe and Australia verses US$5.5 billion for India’s call centers (although India still leads in overall outsourcing revenue at an estimated US$70 billion verses US$9 billion for the Philippines) while according to IBM’s latest Global Locations Trend Annual Report, the Philippines is now the world leader in business support functions like shared services and BPO with India ranked as number two for the first time. Interestingly enough, the IBM report also noted that Sri Lanka was another Asian country that was succeeding in positioning itself as an alternative outsourcing destination to India.  Read more

  • The Philippines “officially” overtakes India in call centers

    Its “official” according to various reports and industry experts: The Philippines has now overtaken India in call centers and voice related work. According to IBM’s latest Global Locations Trend Annual Report, the Philippines is now the world leader in business support functions like shared services and BPO with India ranked as number two for the first time (and in turn followed by USA, Poland, China, Britain, Columbia, Costa Rica, Fiji, Ireland, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Hungary, Australia, Egypt, Chile, France, Canada, France, Singapore and the Netherlands). The IBM report specifically noted that the Philippines offered a similarly attractive business environment for international business support functions just like India but unlike India’s outsourcing hot spots, labor costs in the Philippines have not increased as much. Read more

  • Has morning arrived in India?

    Last October, Thomas L. Friedman wrote a thought provoking piece from India for the New York Times entitled It’s Morning in India which he began by first noting how unrealistic French students are to be rioting over a small increase in the pension retirement age when France has already discovered that a 35-hour workweek is impossible in a world where Indian engineers are attempting to work 35-hour days. He then went on to write that many of the Indians he met on his trip to India expressed their concern that America as well seems to be running away from the world it created and their country is adopting. After all, so many American politicians were denouncing immigration, free trade and outsourcing when it was America that had created many of the technologies and free market ideas that led to globalization and a flattening of the world. Read more

  • How to encourage US job growth

    With the official unemployment rate hovering at just below 10%, President Obama and many of the policymakers in Washington DC seem to be completely out of new ideas about how to encourage job growth in America – unless you believe that more government spending, more protectionism, restricting outsourcing and fewer visas for foreigner workers will lead to more jobs for Americans. However, we have collected some alternative suggestions that would be worth considering Washington DC policy makers: Read more

  • Is recruitment moving back in-house?

    The global financial crisis has, in many instances, decimated corporate recruiting departments in particular. After all and if a company is not hiring, there is little need to keep recruiters around on the payroll. Meanwhile, RPO is often billed as a cost effective alternative for dealing with such dramatic swings in staffing levels by allowing a company to quickly scale up or down without the need to first hire recruiters before any uptick and then lay them off again during the next downturn. However, just how effective is RPO or the use of any third party agency verses an in-house recruiting team and is there now a trend towards in-house recruiters?   Read more

  • What is the role of HR in outsourcing?

    Both HR and outsourcing have truly come of age over the past few decades. After all, the HR department was once considered to be just the admin department but today the HR department is increasingly filling a more strategic role within a business and is becoming important for helping organizations to achieve cost reductions through downsizing and changing the way jobs themselves are structured. Meanwhile, outsourcing itself has become a key strategy for organizations to achieve significant cost savings. Read more

  • Will Indian outsourcers loose out on the coming health care spending wave?

    The coming health care related outsourcing and IT spending wave in theory could be bonanza for Indian IT services firms and outsourcers alike but will increased concerns over the outsourcing of medical records derail the efforts of Indian firms to grab a significant piece of this market? Much is at stake as starting next year, the US government will begin to dole out billions of dollars to health-care providers who adopt electronic medical records while doctors themselves will also face a federal mandate to upgrade their software as the country switches to a new system of insurance billing codes. In fact and in a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, Pradep Nair, the head of the health-care practice at New Delhi’s HCL Technologies Ltd., referred to the upcoming spending wave as being the next Y2K opportunity. Read more

  • Is Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) a sweatshop?

    Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has recently announced its second quarter numbers which have not only surpassed market expectations but have also achieved several milestones that were recently noted by N Chandrasekaran, their managing director, CEO, and S Mahalingam, their chief financial officer, in an interview for the Business Standard. They noted that from a demand point of view, the recent uptick has been robust and they are seeing significant deal flow and deal closures across market segments. Moreover, they noted that they are seeing double-digit growth in BPO and will maintain margins in the 27% range but nevertheless, there is still some uncertainty in the overall macro environment. Read more

  • The US midterm elections: India, China and outsourcing become attack ad topics

    The mid-term elections in the USA are just around the corner and as with other recent elections, the heated topic of outsourcing has come up – especially since many of the GOP challengers have business and private sector backgrounds. For example: Read more