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Profile: The Vice President of Business Development at Pinstripe, Inc., Barry Diamond is responsible for cultivating, delivering and managing new business. As the fourth executive to join the company, he was instrumental in building Pinstripe’s sales program from the ground up. In his ongoing role, Barry leads the company’s commercial group sales strategy, including the design and creation of customized programs, initiatives, solution options, and service offerings. A driving force in Pinstripe’s success, Barry’s successful new business development efforts result in the hires of more than 15,000 Fortune 1000 employees annually. Barry leverages his expertise in human resources and talent acquisition, coupled with insights gained from diverse business experience in market research, lead generation, and operations management, to maintain and build relationships across the industry. He is responsible for mining new business through a network of existing and prospective clients, as well as managing and leveraging relationships with sourcing advisory companies. Barry has a long, successful history, working with Pinstripe CEO Sue Marks. Previously, he worked for the two recruiting firms that Marks built prior to Pinstripe, where he was responsible for driving all sales activities. A part of the team that worked with Marks to pioneer recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), Barry is one of few people in the industry with more than two decades of progressive RPO experience. He has an uncommon depth of knowledge in a relatively new industry, having risen from manager to director to VP in recruitment process outsourcing. Originally hired as VP of Sales, he was among the first people brought onboard when Marks assembled some of the industry’s top talent for the Pinstripe team.

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