Freelance Reporters to write about outsourcing and globalization
The is looking for talented writer / journalists / correspondent to cover outsourcing, globalization and business news on real-time basis.

Journalists with excellent writing skills and at least two years of experience in similar position are encouraged to apply. Candidates working in outsourcing, BPO, KPO, LPO, RPO firms will also be considered for this post; however, high standard of writing skills is essential. Experience in news coverage with global outsourcing companies will be preferred.

* Produce real-time news by writing accurate news stories with speed and independence. The candidate must be able to work independently with great speed in breaking the news.

* Produce news reports and articles based on various outsourcing companies announcements , analysts’ reports from research firms and sourcing news through research , electronic press releases and other mediums.

Please send your details, salary requirements per news story with online references of your past work in the form below.

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