Mani Malarvannan
Welcome to OutsourcePortfolio!
My name is Mani Malarvannan, I have been working in IT industry since 1993, I live and work in Twin Cities, Minnesota. In 1998 I started Cybelink to provide IT consulting services to serve clients in Twin Cities and slowly expanded to other cities as well.

During the year 2000 when offshore outsourcing trend started, I opened an outsource office in Chennai, India to provide outsource services to my clients and later created Accounting BPO division within Cybelink to provide accounting and financial outsourcing services. During this time I have written several articles about BPO and outsourcing, published it in Cybelink web site. The web traffic to Cybelink site increased significantly and every day new visitors visited the Cybelink site to read the articles.

In 2008 I decided to create this outsourcePortfolio.com blog site using some of the good articles from Cybelink for everyone to learn and share about outsourcing through blog posting. You can read all the blogs and post comments on the blogs. If you are interested you can create an account and become a blog editor. As a blog editor you can post different blogs and moderate the comments posted by the readers of your blog. You can read some of my blogs about outsourcing and globalization here.

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