Growth of Remote Infrastructure Management Outsourcing
March 29, 2009

Remote Infrastructure Management Outsourcing, (RIMO) is a growing trend among the outsource providers to deliver IT infrastructure management services remotely either from onshore, nearshore or from offshore locations. In the past customers were reluctant to outsource infrastructure management services to offshore locations but now that trend are changing. Recently India based HCL won a major infrastructure outsource deal from Reader’s Digest Association, Inc. and from Xerox. Read more

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Obama’s immigration policy may backfire
March 23, 2009

If proof were needed that the Obama government’s recent curbs on H-1B visas might cast a long shadow on the already darkened clouds hovering over the US economy, log in to this study done by Duke University professor and Harvard researcher Vivek Wadhwa titled “Losing the World’s Best and Brightest: America’s New Immigrant Entrepreneurs, Part V,” Wadhwa and his team surveyed 1,224 foreign nationals studying in the US and those who graduated last year.
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Financial and Accounting (F&A) Outsourcing Opportunities
March 19, 2009

Due to current economic slump, many small businesses from developed countries are considering finance and accounting outsource services like accounts payable, account receivable, and general bookkeeping services. As the small business see the value beyond cost savings in large corporations due to higher-value F&A outsourcing, they are considering outsourcing higher-value accounting projects like accounting and financial process innovation, real-time accounting integration, budgeting and forecasting. Some small businesses are considering outsourcing their entire accounting and financial operations to outsource vendors. Increasing confidence in accounting outsource providers skills, availability of tools and technologies, and accounting process standardization are making the shift for the small businesses on outsourcing higher-value accounting projects. Read more

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When you outsource; don’t outsource your happiness
March 15, 2009

Dual income, duel careers. We outsource knowledge, so we can get more time to play with our kids. However, does that always happen? That’s a troubling thought
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An Rx for Indian outsourcing providers
March 12, 2009

The US President Barack Obama’s $19 billion health stimulus package could be a shot in the arm for the Indian IT industry as well. When one door slams, the other one flies open. This in effect could be the impact of President Obama’s $19 billion package for the US healthcare system that could also benefit the Indian IT service providers, notwithstanding President Obama’s still resistance of the outsourcing trend.
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Offshore Outsource Risk Mitigation Strategies
March 8, 2009

The global recession has made many companies to start considering Offshore outsourcing to reduce cost and increase their competitive advantage. Though the current Obama administration has some policies against sending work to offshore location, the trend is unstoppable as US companies find more value from their outsource vendors. As more and more companies, use the offshore outsource providers for their daily business operations it becomes critical for the businesses to understand the risks associated with offshore outsourcing. Understanding the offshore outsource risks is only the first step, companies must take proper steps to avoid it and have proper risk mitigation strategies to handle it as it arises in the projects. In this article we will explore common offshore outsource risks and discuss effective risk mitigation strategies to avoid it. Read more

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Is trust the same as credibility?
March 5, 2009

Simply put, credibility is the confidence that others have in your ability to deliver results in support of a business. Trust is the confidence in your integrity and reliability. It is easier to win credibility (which is equivalent to competence) —- but trust? That is a different ball game altogether.
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Can Crowdsourcing kill Outsourcing?
March 1, 2009

You know about outsourcing and how companies send work to countries like India, China, Philippians, Russia, etc. Now companies started considering crowdsourcing in which they try to find solutions for everyday business problems from the collective knowledge of the crowd at large, the labor can be found anywhere in the world not associated with a company. Just like how the technology like high speed Internet connection and WWW helped the outsourcing boom in 90’s and created a Flat-World, now it is helping the creation of crowdsourcing phenomena.

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